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We’ve been recognized nationally for our community service and charity work for the benefit of missing and abused children.


Our work with Deputy Officer Damon Coates (2002/2003)
We were approached by the Father-in-law of a Clackamas County Deputy, Damon Coates. Damon was shot while in the line of duty. His injuries were so severe that he was never able to return to work. The income he had been receiving to support his family was abruptly stopped. In a effort to generate sympathy and awareness for this local police officers family, we helped design and donated 3000 bumper stickers for Damon.

   There were many fund raising activities that took place around the city as well. We were involved with designing T Shirts, banners and static clings signs that his fellow police officers put in their patrol vehicles. Some are still seen today. By helping to bring to the general public's attention, the lack of financial support these men who put their lives on the line for us each and everyday, we were able to help Damon’s family.

   We had many other local business step up and offer their services and / or products. Damon's house was completely remodeled to accommodate his wheelchair. He was given a special vehicle to aid him with his chair and the list goes on and on. We are very proud that we were part of what it took to get the message out to everyone. As a community, we came together.



Our work with Deputy Jason Rehling (Current)[Tribute to Honor]
Currently, we are working with the Deputy J. Rehling Project, c/o Officer Needs Assistance Fund. Another of our officers was shot in the face similar to Damon Coats. He also has never been able to return to work. His and his families lifestyle was abruptly came to a halt. We designed and presented a framed picture for Jason and his family.

  We have also designed a poster that will be printed and distributed to many different banks and other financial institutions that will help bring this issue to the attention of the general public. These men who are helping to protect us and our families buy putting their own lives on the line have to be taken care when injured in the line of duty.

  We are donating our designs and printing in order to help this project be realized. The idea is to get people to donate money that goes into a fund i.e. Officer Needs Assistance Fund. This money is then disbursed as needed to help all officers that are injured.

  Our work was either donated 100% or produced at less than cost for the materials required for the end product.

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